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The latest car from Pininfarina is named after the fifth watch Blancpain Replica produced for them. The Sergio watch is a racing clock with a chronograph rattrapante function. It is powered by an automatic movement. The watch is made of Amedeo steel that can be converted into a table or pocket timepiece. The dial of the watch is a clear reference to its automotive origins, as it includes several motifs that are featured in the design. The dial comes in four colors. The limited edition Blancpain Replica "Segio", Split-Seconds Chrnograph, is priced at $32,725.

Blancpain Replica launched its collaboration with Pininfarina in 2010. Blancpain Replica made three tourbillions that bore the Pnifiranina logo, and another chronograph in multiple versions. Blancpain Replica's latest Pininfarina by Blancpain Replica collection is inspired by the latest supercar from the Italian design studio. Sergio is the model named after Sergio Pininfarina,Blancpain Replica who has led the Italian family company for over 40 years. Sergio, Pininfarina's newest sports car, made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show last year. This is a supercar with an ultra-sporty design, built on a Ferrari platform. Sergio Pininfarina, head of Blancpain Replica and Pascal Ruffy agreed to create a commemorative timepiece in honor of the amazing race car.

Chronograph with Split Times FunctionThe watch's inspiration comes through in its dial design and in the additional functions. Blancpain Replica’s latest model is equipped with a split-second function. It is a complex feature that requires great expertise and skill. It is also very useful in races because it allows the wearer an unlimited number of intermediate times to be timed (within a maximum span of 30 min). The "normal" feature of the chronograph is activated, stopped, and reset using two push-pieces around the crown. The crown is located in an unusual position at 12 o'clock, which is characteristic of Amadeo cases. The cleverly designed third pusher that activates the split-second feature is on the same axis with the crown. This prevents the timekeeper from losing its symmetry.

The watch's self-winding mechanical mechanism, designed in the Dimier 1738 workshop of the brand, also allows the user to read the remaining power within its 42-hour long reserve. The watch's caliber runs at 28,800 vph which makes its chrono function accurate to 1/8th second.

Dial Design That Evokes Racing Car It TributesAs it was pointed out,Patek Philippe Replica dial design with ruthenium treatment evokes appearance of car it is attributed to. The design of the dial with ruthenium treatment is reminiscent of the Sergio racing car. This is most noticeable on four lower segments that are shaped in a distinctive way. The small seconds counter and the 30-minute counters on the chronograph also resemble the instruments of a sports vehicle. The power reserve indicator and the segment with two brand names are also on a lower plane. They have a further automotive theme, as they include a multitude of micro-perforations that can be found throughout the sports cars it pays homage to. Blancpain Replica timekeepers come in four different colors. There are four options: anthracite (black), silver, and blue.