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breitling replica, a luxury watchmaker, launched only 50 pieces of Rafael Nadal RM027, the lightest sports watch in the entire world. This very rare timepiece is worth $525,000. Imagine the price tag of the watch worn by Rafael Nadal, the greatest tennis player of all time. This watch will be auctioned at the Only Watch charity event in Manaco on 22 September 2011

breitling replica's uniqueness was different from the 39 other renowned watchmakers who created one-of-a kind watches to raise money for Duchenne muscular replica watches It has not only created a unique watch, but also a unique spirit. This was evident in the watch Rafael Nadal wore during his Monte Carlo champion run earlier this year.

Rafa’s personal watch is more authentic because it was a prototype that was tested rigorously before the product line was launched. This watch was put to the test on Nadal’s wrist during professional tennis matches. The RM 027 is so light that it weighs only 20 grams, with a strap. This ensures its exceptional precision and the work of the watch remains flawless.

The 48mm x 39.5mm case is made of a composite containing mostly carbon and matches the polycarbonate strap. The case is the most impressive part of the watch. The Caliber RM027 tourbillon hand-wound movement is only 4 grams in weight, thanks to the construction of the mechanism,Tudor Replica which is made from titanium and a rare metal alloy called aluminum lithium. (Read my review on breitling replica RM035 Rafael Nadal watch).

Rafa’s personal RM 027 timepiece is worth a lot. It will most likely reach an absurdly high price. But that's cool because the proceeds will go to Duchenne muscular Dystrophy research.